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  1. Meta AI 實驗室
  2. 元宇宙與物聯網的產業效益、商機及挑戰
  3. 你必須知道的新潮流-全球元宇宙(Metaverse)發展趨勢觀察
  4. Web 3.0 與元宇宙 Metaverse,有何區別?
  5. 什麼是 Web 3.0,為什麼每個人都在談論它?
  6. 三星Samsung踏入Decentraland元宇宙Samsung 837X
  7. 續三年被評為全球十大科技趨勢的「數位孿生」到底是什麼?
  8. 元宇宙耗資3000億,祖克伯自拍照挨酸
  9. 台灣跨進元宇宙 Meta亞洲首座「元宇宙 XR Hub Taiwan」登陸
  10. 元宇宙技術前進工廠!從番茄醬到汽車,製造業如何進入「元工廠」世代?
  11. 【全台首家元宇宙銀行】NFT 等級不同,存款利率也不一樣!可「邊玩邊賺」的銀行太酷
  12. AR/VR與MR的技術探索


  1. Internet Of Things And Web 3.0
  2. Live from the metaverse: virtual XR performances for audiences on-stage, online, in-game, and in-VR( Video )
  3. How will IoT integrate the real world with the metaverse?
  4. What’s the biggest effect the metaverse will have on IoT, or vice versa?
  5. Everything you need to know about Digital Twins
  6. METAHUMAN – High-fidelity digital humans made easy
  7. Overview: Technology Roadmap of the Future Trend of Metaverse based on IoT, Blockchain, AI Technique, and Medical Domain Metaverse Activity
  8.  (Video) EasyAR Mega
  9. Stanford AI experts call BS on claims that Google’s LaMDA chatbot is sentient


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  1. Understanding AR inside and out — Part Two: expanding out and into the world. Siggraph’ 20:ACM SIGGRAPH 2020 Courses.
  2. What is a metaverse
  3. The Metaverse in 2040


  1. CyberBio Architecture
  2. Leap Motion Project North Star Table Tennis Video
  3. 3D Tumour Evolution Model
  4. ELEVENPLAY x Rhizomatiks “border 2021”
  5. Augmented Shadow – Inside
  6. NUBIA — Metaverse Platform / INTRONS
  7. Acqua Alta – Crossing the mirror
  8. 夢境現實
  9. Project North Star